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Our network of entertainment industry professionals enables us to offer a wide array of services including marketing, promotion, brand awareness, and digital strategy. Megastar Nation was created to help current and aspiring entertainment professionals enhance their opportunities in the industry. Our network encourages relationship building with taste-makers, artists, producers, industry executives, tour promoters, DJs, and talent seekers. Throughout the last year we have expanded our services to assist independent artists in booking venues and growing their online audiences. This includes providing online marketing campaigns, EPK creation, music submissions to radio and television, and global digital distribution through the Universal Music Group family of retailers. Megastar Nation also helps record labels source talent. We travel the world participating in music festivals, entertainment conferences, and promotional tours. Secure your promo campaign today and take your project to the next level.

International Network

United States

Megastar Nation has affiliated offices in Miami, New York, and Los Angeles and provides talent submissions in these markets as well. Video location and production services are available, as well as event promotion and casting services. U.S. modeling opportunities are available. Studio time and photo shoots can also be booked upon request.


The demand for services in Europe has helped Megastar Nation expand to the UK, France, and Amsterdam. We now offer select music placement and submission services in these markets, as well as event promotion and video location services. Photo shoots, music production, and studio time can also be booked upon request.


The Asian market has evolved to become a very viable sector in the entertainment industry. Megastar Nation now has affiliated partners in Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Mumbai. We are now preparing promotional packages for Japan, China, and India. Together these markets account for more than one third of the world's total population.

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Megastar Nation Ultra Music Festival Promo

Each year the Ultra Music Festival brings its services to South Beach to host some of the biggest names in electronic dance music. The EDM community shows full support from around the world and this is the perfect place to connect and network with music industry professionals.

Megastar Nation SXSW Festival Promo

The annual SXSW Music, Film, and Interactive Festival is a great location to get your music heard and connect with the entertainment industry. Each year new products are launched, artists are discovered, and films are released for review. It's one of the biggest industry events in the U.S.

service packages

Customized Marketing Campaigns

Whether you are an aspiring artist or professional entity, Megastar Nation will create a customized marketing campaign to accomplish your business objectives. We specialize in strategic marketing, increasing brand awareness, college promotions, and video and music production.

Digital Strategy and Marketing

We offer strategic marketing campaigns that increase market share and grow fan bases. Megastar Nation can create a plan to target specific demographics and capture new business opportunities through effective marketing.

Creative Design Services and Web Development

Megastar Nation is a full service design and web development agency. Our team of creative professionals can help you create your online presence, design logos and artwork, and assist with SEO marketing to reach your objectives.

Social Media Management and Promotion

Utilizing the power of social media has never been more important than in this day and age. Megastar Nation helps clients target potential followers of their brands and covertthem into loyal customers and fans through creative dialogue and promotion of their social media outlets.

Music Promotion and Video Production Services

The entertainment industry is dominated by first impression. Megastar Nation has a network of industry professionals that are always seeking new talent. We can provide SoundCloud promotion, A&R submissions, EPK creation, and radio promotion. In addition, we offer video production services to capture your audience through premier visual presentation.

International Promotion Packages

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Megastar Nation is now offering promo packages that include Soundcloud promotion, EPK / press kit creation, U.S. and European music single submissions to BDS / Soundscan certified radio stations, global distribution through the Universal Music Group, TV and record label submissions, video game song placements, and the resources needed to remain independent or get signed to major labels. If you are ready to take your career to the next level, start today by submitting your music, building your EPK, and choosing a promo package that is right for you. We can also customize promo packages to work within your budget and create a tailored brand awareness campaign for your project or brand.
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Megastar Nation is a network of entertainment industry experts that will get your project seen and
heard by the right people in your target market. How it works:


Select a Promo Package

Packages include project development, a digital strategy evaluation, Soundcloud promotion, and submissions to industry execs,TV, and Soundscan / BDS radio stations.


We Create Your EPK

An industry standard electronic press kit (EPK) is vital for creating success in the entertainment industry. Your EPK will make the difference when it comes to securing opportunities.


We Promote Your Project

We finalize your campaign and submit your EPK to industry execs, record labels, TV and movie studios, and international radio stations to create brand awareness for your project.

Special Promotions

Megastar Nation Music Industry Success Toolkit

Everything you need to remain independent, increase your fan base, and gain an international following. We have created a guide to take your career to the next level and increase your chances for success in the music industry. The toolkit extends numerous resources and info regarding distribution, networking, marketing, and getting your music in the right hands. Take your career to the next level.

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Today's Tip: Promotion, Promotion, and more Promotion!!!

Megastar Nation is offering a special digital promotion for Souncloud, with record label, TV, and radio submissions. The package can be customized and includes submissions to 100 Soundscan radio stations, and presenting your music for placement to 25 TV networks. We will also submit a song, and your EPK, to music industry execs and label A&Rs. If you do not have a professional EPK we will create one for you.

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Our social network helps our community connect with other entertainment industry professionals and fans of music. This includes taste-makers, artists, producers, film stars, label execs, DJs, and models. This site is currently in beta. New members must be invited by a current member to join. Once you have your invite code you can sign up, share music, give feedback, and invite others. If you're interested in becoming a Megastar Nation brand ambassador or college rep, Contact Us.

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